NES Power - Hard pulls on Credit.

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I was just checking my credit reports and I saw that this company NES did a couple hard pulls on my credit report (which hurts my credit score).However, what is worse is that they do not show up anywhere on my report and after reading all of these reviews I believe that they illegally pulled my credit.

Has anyone else had similar situations? I know the one person said that they pulled her mother's credit score and if so that was probably illegal too. It really sounds like something must be done about these Jokers.

If so I am in for the whole class action lawsuit.

NES Power - This company needs to be put out of business!!!

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Today, i recieved a phone call from NES.This person left a very rude and demanding message on my cell phone.

I didn't even know who NES was and wouldn't know who they are since I have paid off all of my debts. I had to go to the Internet to find out who they were. I called the 800 number back and dialed his extension. Wouldn't you know it, the line was busy!

I plan to call this little punk back and give him an ear full. I sure hope he doesn't have tender ears!

If these people continue to call a harass me, I will file a lawsuit for harassment.

NES Power - They demanded payment before their deadline of Oct 31

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Hello ~

I was contacted by NES about a month ago with urgent phone messages that said I needed to respond to a pending legal matter. Upon calling them they proceeded to tell me that everything was set up to take me to court over this bill. They said that everything was in line and they had contacted my county and verified my employement. I agreed to work toward obtaining cash to begin paying off my debt. They made it sound like my window of opportunity was the last day of October. This was the timeframe allowed for me to pay off the settlement amount of $3260 instead of the entire amount of $5360. I was to keep in touch with them and inform them of my progress. I called faithfully about every other day and agreed to make an initial $500 payment set up for Fri Oct 17th. I set this up over the phone. I set this payment up with this company with good intentions to establish rapport and trust with them and to hopefully be able to continue with an honest payment plan should I not have any success in obtaining the full amnount of cash via a loan, etc. I felt I trusted them. However, they did tell me that payments were no longer allowed on my account; that they needed the full amount whether it was the settlement amount made by Oct 31 or the full amount after that date. I figured though that if I began making good sized payments that they would eventually accept that. They did have me scared though, thinking that this might not work and they might mean it if I couldn't pay in full. I wanted to avoid court at any cost. So I began working dilligently on cash possibliities. They told me to keep in touch with them on my progress. I called abou tevery other day. Each day when I called them I was told by a lady named Verena that working on obtaining cash and the pending $500 would delay the legal proceedings toward me until the end of the month. I have been pursuing other cash sources with no luck so far but have been determined and felt that I had a back up plan with getting the cash from my father-in-law as a last resort. HOWEVER, on Friday (yesterday) when I called to tell them that the funds were available to deposit my check, which they had asked me to do, they changed their tune. They gave me some lame story about how the other company (I'm not sure who they mean by this... I guess Capitol Resurgent Services who apparently had my Sears account prior to them) that my $500 payment was no longer good enough and that they'd sue if I didn't come up with the full amount within a half hour! I remained very polite and called the man sir and spoke nicely to him saying that I didn't think that was fair after they had reassured me that this initial payment would tie me over until the end of the month and supposedly until I obtained the rest of the settlement amount. (This man claimed to be president of the company and Verena had handed me over to him.) There was some discussion and I was being cooperative but he flat out hung up on me right in the middle of the conversation! i was stunned! At this time I began to realize that something did not smell right about this company and I began to have doubts about the whole thing. Tonight I have been doing research on this company and I have discovered that they are a very unscrupulous company that will start deducting unauthorized payments from accounts without the account holder's knowledge or deduct more than you tell them to, and use unscrupulous tactics etc. I had every intention of working with them because I am in a better financial situation than I was when I allowed this account to get out of hand. However, they just lost their chance when they treated me so poorly and unprofessionallyand after I read so many bad things about them. I have emailed my bank requesting a stop payment on this check as it hasn't been processed yet. I am awaiting your response on how to proceed next. I don't want to skip out of paying a bill but I feel they must be realistic. I also have doubts because at different times when I spoke to them it seemed they were giving me different amounts for the settlement and for the total amount of my bill. When I think back about a lot of things, some things just didn't seem right. I certainly don’t want money being deducted from my account that would not even get applied to my debt if they ar esome shady outfit!I am also feaful that since my check hasn't already been deposited, that they meant what they said yesterday and they are skipping my $500 payment and just suing me right away for the whole amount.I realize I've given a lot of info here, but hopefully this helps you to help me. I appreciate it very much! Thank you very much!

Sherry K. Benson


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Not resolved

this company is unprofessional!!!they call like 5 time per day and doesn't respect my working hours.

definitely I'm going to report this to the federal credit commission. they are not respecting the first consumer reporting act. They doesn't know why I can't pay my bills. I tried several times to explaain them my situation and they doesnt care about it.

I understand they try to do their job but it bothers me. Sometimes I receive a call and they hung up on me. Also they call before 9:00am and in Puerto Rivco there is a law that prohibits telemarketing/collections calls before 9:00 am.

one they a receive a call at 7:30 am.I cant deal with this anymore

NES Power - NES lied to me and harrassed me at work

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NES called me at work and told me that they were reading my rights.They never identified themselves.

I asked who they were and they said national enterprise systems. They are not debt collectors. They are going to prosecute me. They said the would reposses and the would contact my employer that I steal money because I am causing fraud.

I could take this up in front of a judge. They were rude and would not listen to me. They called me at work and told me if I hung up the phone they would prosecute me. The man (John) that called me was trying to make me made to make me hang up.

I asked for this writing. He said that here was not time to get this to me in writing. The statement that I had should be enough. Please bring on a lawsuit.

I would be glad to help!!


Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #27156

I would say bring on a lawsuit and sue this person if they did something wrong, that way their learn a lesson.

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